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Clefs of Moher Volume 2 is the musical exploration of Tim Moher’s Irish roots with the arranging genius of co-producer, Rick Hutt of Cedartree Recording Studios. Tim and Rick can’t wait to see where this new collection of originals and the more traditionally influenced material will bring the Clefs.

Tim’s firm classical roots are apparent in his soprano sax sound, and yet he has worked tirelessly throughout his career to find his own ensemble ‘voice’ within the world music genre, one that pays true tribute to his combined love for jazz, classical, and Celtic music. Inspired by The Corrs and Moving Hearts, he has worked to create something that is exhilarating and fresh!

J. Richard Hutt began his career as a singer/songwriter/performer and went on to produce many television programs and musical acts including his Juno-nominated work with Northern Pikes for album of the year and best engineer. In this project, Rick’s writing genius is catapulting the Clefs of Moher forward in the world music genre to bring forth something that is new and vibrant.


Purchase this digital copy of the CD to get direct access to all 13 tracks included on the Clefs of Moher Album. Plus, receive all artwork included with the album as a digital copy.

Clefs of Moher Volume Two - Digital Copy

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